1. Flying Colors

  2. Don't Wait For Me to Leave
    Zilla Rocca & andrew

  3. Favors are Bad News Pt. 2 (Card Shark Remix)
    feat Defcee & Disco Vietnam

  4. Vegas Vic (Three Dollar Pistol Remix)
    feat andrew, Jesse the Tree, Darko the Super

  5. Merv Griffin Enterprises (Speed Round Remix)
    feat AJ Suede, PremRock, and Disco Vietnam

  6. My Secret Identity Beat Tape
    Zilla Rocca

  7. The Rain Knows What It's Doing

  8. Cocaine & Therapy
    Alex Ludovico

  9. 96 Mentality
    Zilla Rocca

  10. Future Former Rapper
    Zilla Rocca

  11. Hard Boiled EP
    Zilla Rocca

  12. Anything I Touch I Bruise Vol. 3: Creators & Swindlers
    Zilla Rocca

  13. Anything I Touch I Bruise Vol. 2: The Superior Foes of Zilla Rocca
    Zilla Rocca

  14. Anything I Touch I Bruise Vol. 1: Ten Years of Rap Remixes
    Zilla Rocca

  15. 96 Ways I Made Out EP
    Zilla Rocca x Pecue

  16. Don't Drop a Beat Tape, Zilla
    Zilla Rocca

  17. Harms Hotel
    Zilla Rocca & Disco Vietnam

  18. Neo Noir Mixtape
    Zilla Rocca

  19. No Vacation for Murder
    Zilla Rocca & The 5 O'Clock Shadow Boxers

  20. No Vacation For Murder Deluxe Edition
    Zilla Rocca & The Shadow Boxers

  21. 2000 Pelle Pelle Flow
    Zilla Rocca & C-Lance x NotForgotten

  22. '99 Triple 5 Soul Flow
    Zilla Rocca & Disco Vietnam

  23. '98 Avirex Flow
    Zilla Rocca & Son Raw

  24. ZR vs. QB: Zilla Rocca Remixes the Best of Queensbridge Rap
    Zilla Rocca

  25. Weak Stomach EP
    Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers

  26. Party With Villains EP
    Zilla Rocca

  27. Full Spectrum EP
    Zilla Rocca feat L'Orange & Open Mike Eagle

  28. Nights & Weekends
    Zilla Rocca

  29. Bad Weather Classic EP
    Zilla Rocca

  30. Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca
    Zilla Rocca

  31. 33 Jones Presents: Bring Me the Remix of Zilla Rocca
    Zilla Rocca

  32. Broken Clocks EP
    Zilla Rocca & The 5 O'Clock Shadow Boxers

  33. The Slow Twilight LP
    Zilla Rocca & The 5 O'Clock Shadow Boxers


Three Dollar Pistol Music Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zilla Rocca: The #1 Bourbon General. The Career Crook. The Future Former Rapper. The owner of Three Dollar Pistol Music. The calm voice amongst the Wrecking Crew. South Philly's finest crime author.

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