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"The title really steered me into a direction of paranoia and angst. I remember getting the beat at the beginning of the housing crisis and the high price of gasoline. Plus the beat was a simple loop with the classic "Impeach the President" drums that made me wanna spit. It's really a look into the eyes of America in a pre-Obama stage, when there was no hope in site and everyone was freaking the geek out."
-Zilla Rocca

"No Resolution" was probably the only sample on the entire album that I knew I wanted to flip beforehand, instead of the sparks of inspiration that were most of the other beats on the album. I remember sitting around years ago, listening to The Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs" come up on my friend's record player and distinctly thinking aloud, "Why the fuck has noone turned this into a beat?" (Note: When that Blue Sky Black Death song with Jean Grae came out, "No Resolution" was already cut) So, I took the drums from "Impeach the President" well before "I Love College" came out, sped up the "Venus in Furs" sample a little bit, and proceeded to flip it according to how I wanted the bassline to sound. The bassline totally carries this song, because without it, it would just be a mess of droning guitars and screeching violins."
-Douglas Martin

As told to No Trivia blog 6/30/09


Soul on ice, ice replaced gold
Statistics replaced lives in my zipcode

I'm outside the diner with violent priors
Like the Crow, fighting fire with fire, why I didn’t know
See I missed the boat, it sailed off
I’m savage, ducking the cops and I don’t wanna see the bailif
Psycho, Christian Bale, I wish you hell
Scraped by robbing kids by the wishing well
There’s no resolution anywhere, everybody’s roaming free
Or thumping bibles or cloning sheep
My phone’s on the hook, no peace
My ex ran off with all my Radiohead CD’s
Fuck, I need an airbag to go off to get some sleep
Stay loyal to dayjob cause debt don’t cheat
Or you get cut off from the outside, outside
Shadowboxers work late, it’s about 9
And I got my 5 on it like Trey Nicks
With 1 day until vacay like day 6

There’s blood on the doughnuts, my flow is a dope rush
And no resolution will save you tonight!
Now I sleep with black lights and Soviet satellites
And no resolution will save you tonight!
Pay your taxes, don’t ask why and don’t cry
Cause no resolution will save you tonight!
It’s the shortcut to a shorter life, that’s right
And no resolution will save you tonight!

Invest in my ideas, I’m here
You want war? I’m the boss in Bosnia
And I haven’t seen my wife in 8 months, 3 days, 12 minutes
Heat wave, sun simmers each day
Gun quivers from the trigger finger families
Who kick a Johnny Cage fatality
Fatefully, you facing bullies with no face
Ain’t wearing hoodies, no trace, closed case, wait for me
Informant’s at the precint telling lies
Indecent, I had his wife in a corset
Pulling threads off my sweater, they try to unravel me
Like Weezer, but hipsters can’t battle me
Ebeneezer vs Jacob Marley
A two-seater vs a Harley in Harlem, the man’s a heater
My era’s vulgaris like pallbearers who dropped their parents
Or Jesus Christ running off to get married


Bootybox for the speaker show
Spitting that Blacksheep or Cheeba Cheeba flow, man it’s all good
I eat em like saltines on French onion soup
Or Alpha Bits, watch your P’s and Q’s dude
This is high resolution, Iraqis shooting
Sliding money out his wallet when daddy’s snoozing
Uh-oh, switch to Plan B, another goddamn speech
Begging for gas money for Grand Prix’s
She’s asleep in my duck down Camry
Ante up, no Grammy Family here baby, give me pub
Every day on the dot com daily
I’m the Champ Boss Bailey, and you are hot rarely
Bring me your sick, your weak and your downtrodden
We will uprock, uplift, body rock them
Metal lungies or revolver, ain’t nothing proper
Even the queen eats a Whopper, you feel me?


Soul on ice, ice replaced gold
Statistics replaced lives in my zipcode


from The Slow Twilight LP, released June 23, 2009
Beat by Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones
Lyrics by Zilla Rocca (S.Zales) for Three Dollar Pistol Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Three Dollar Pistol Music Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zilla Rocca: The #1 Bourbon General. The Career Crook. The Future Former Rapper. The owner of Three Dollar Pistol Music. The calm voice amongst the Wrecking Crew. South Philly's finest crime author.

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