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Never Should I Lose You (prod by Zilla Rocca)

from Bad Weather Classic EP by Zilla Rocca



[Verse 1]
Never should I lose you, man say it ain't so
You blacked out on 95 the night of the show
I didn't know the state you were in, unsafe in your whip
I could've bounced and gave you a lift home
Bruised knuckles, a smashed frame, you lost control
Some whiplash, why'd you have to sip that?
Rain dropped heavy, heavy it dropped that night
The tow truck came with chains and a flash light
I haven't seen that bad since the Laff House
Even then, you made it home before you passed out
Just home from the war overseas
Glad to be back though it tortures your dreams
I don't know the pain you feel but I see it
At least it decreases when you receive treatment
I wanna see you carve out your own path
You treat me like the brother that you never had, thank you

[Verse 2]
Never should I lose you, baby say it ain't so
I watched you fall down, stayed away to let you grow
We played in the rain and slid on the grass
Scrounged quarters for the ice cream man, he couldn't pass by
Without getting something to spoil our appetite
You were this close from joining the after life
I almost cried at the sound of that
You almost died on your knees for a vial of crack
Now, fast forward a year or two, you're living proof
I wrote that last song with tears in the booth
Received praise as you made me a plate
You're so beautiful with no makeup on your face
Don't need it, I speak it, laid your secrets
To hold it all in is not brave, it's a weakness
I'm so amazed you're an artist who understands
It's good to reach out for another's hand, I got you

[Verse 3]
Never should I lose you, man say it ain't so
Taught me how to tell stories many years ago
The baby of the family, how sad to see
You taken prematurely, I was numb, I was a shorty
Didn't grasp it then, couldn't shed the tears
Heard the news as I was getting out my baseball gear
Face my fears playing wiffleball in the street
As your brothers and sisters shake and weep
The man who did it is gone now, rotting in hell
Killed himself inside his prison cell, coward
I was angry and powerless, I still am
To see life leave the body of a young man
And that was you, the smile, the curly hair
You lived upstairs, I felt safe when you were there
Your daughters are right here in your image
So even though you're gone you're still living, believe that


from Bad Weather Classic EP, track released February 17, 2011


all rights reserved



Three Dollar Pistol Music Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zilla Rocca: The #1 Bourbon General. The Career Crook. The Future Former Rapper. The owner of Three Dollar Pistol Music. The calm voice amongst the Wrecking Crew. South Philly's finest crime author.

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