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"I just remember that Mos Def line floating around in my head for weeks "Then the phone calls....CHILL for a minute let's see who else hot". That happens sometimes where I just repeat a lyric from a song until I do something with it later on. So when I was making up the hook, and since the beat was already titled, "Lindros" just happened to rhyme with "hot" a little bit. It ended up becoming a concept of how the hottest rappers today are disposable next year, and being a Philadelphian, I saw how quickly Eric Lindros fell out of favor with hockey fans here. The first verse, I was touching on that MTV list of the top 10 "Hottest" MC's in the game cause that was making waves at the time. Shoutout to Brett Lindros though!"
-Zilla Rocca

"Eric Lindros," like most of the beats on this album, came from me sitting around and listening to music (a practice which can lasts for days at a time with me only leaving my bedroom to use the bathroom), and having somewhat of a beatmaker epiphany. At first, I was sort of leery of sampling something as obvious as Cat Power's "He War," so I just chopped some drums and threw them on top of the guitar lick at the beginning just to hear what it would sound like, and that's what led me to actually finish it, augmenting the chopped drums with the toms and snaps from the beginning of Feist's "Brandy Alexander." When Zilla sent it back with the vocals, I was like, "Okay. This beat is legit.""
-Douglas Martin

As told to No Trivia blog 6/30/09


A baboon on the boom bap bap
Getting dap from a monsoon, yo I’m bad news
A bad moon, you’re bathing ape, achoo!
God bless, you ain’t Shaq, I’ll still hack you
And take it back to the era of black dudes
When white kids gave a fuck, now they save their bucks
And big time rappers have to do away with trucks
Try talk to small labels, but ain’t saying much
Of anything, any king can polish a crown
When his people are impoverished that crown means nothing
You’re dominate now, that’s so trivial
Pursue something newer than a YouTube video
Like I give a damn who’s really the hottest?
Dan Marino with no rings saying he’s accomplished
That’s great when the stat sheet is heavy
The gesture is empty, Heartbreak 'em Tom Petty

Hook 2x
And that’s when the phone calls, chill for a minute, let’s see who else hot (Hot!)
And that’s when the phone calls, chill for a minute, let’s see who else hot (Eric Lindros!)

No I’m not hot, just even-tempered
Don’t listen to Stephen’s lectures, who the hell am I?
My music ain’t televised, out in Tel Aviv
Teenagers download my shit, tell a thief
To memorize it, and pay his Verizon
I cut out the fat and never Supersize shit
There’s no point, no symmetry, flow so swimmingly
Average Joe’s can’t spit with me
It’s ok to cry out for help
The emperor with no clothes with his eye on a belt
Still assed-out, your plans never pan out
I’d rather cut my hand off than ask for a hand-out

Hook 2x

So we ride from dark to light skies
Like a mariachi band in an unmarked van
Why? To play in front of maybe 10 heads
Cause me and Clive Davis ain’t best friends, we cool though
This ain’t about Lisa Kudrow or Toni Kukoc
It’s about moving on when money moves slow
And it’s only getting slower
Eric Lindros, let’s trade the future to blow up!

Hook 2x


from The Slow Twilight LP, released June 23, 2009
Beat by Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones
Lyrics by Zilla Rocca (S.Zales) for Three Dollar Pistol Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Three Dollar Pistol Music Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zilla Rocca: The #1 Bourbon General. The Career Crook. The Future Former Rapper. The owner of Three Dollar Pistol Music. The calm voice amongst the Wrecking Crew. South Philly's finest crime author.

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