Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca

by Zilla Rocca

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Zilla Rocca's debut project, the 2008 mixtape "Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca," was crafted in the vein of Redman’s "Whut: Thee Album," The Beastie Boy’s "Paul Boutique," and Ghostface’s "The Pretty Toney Album." Before he threw back a shot of brown magic and threw on the holster in 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers, this "mixtape", based on the Warren Oatest 70's snuff flick "Bring the Head of Alfredo Garcia" was the beginning of the noir spin that would later earmark his recordings.

"Even if 2008 wasn’t one of the more miserable years for hip hop in recent memory, this would still be one of the best things I’ve heard all year. Take notes, aspiring MCs, as Bring Me the Head is exactly how a mixtape should be constructed: superb beat selection, impeccable pacing, solid guest spots that are kept to a minimum, and Zilla’s pen remains as sharp as ever. It’s a rare occurrence indeed when I’m left wanting more after 22 tracks in 67 minutes. Any critic will have reservations about plugging their friends’ music fairly in a public setting such as this, but honestly, when the material is this good, those qualms all but dissipate entirely."

"A throwdown between Doom and J-Zone"

"Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca succeeds...It’s a combination of everything that you liked about hip-hop when you were growing up"--Passion of the Weiss


released 28 September 2008

Artwork and design by ASK?
Photos by Jimmy Giambrone
"Dangerous Dame" played by Laura Warrington
Mixed and Mastered by Zilla Rocca
All cuts scratches performed by Nex Millen/Retrospective for Cyberton Musi L.L.C. (SESAC)

All songs written and produced by Zilla Rocca (S. Zales) for Three Dollar Pistol Music (ASCAP) except where noted



all rights reserved


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Three Dollar Pistol Music Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zilla Rocca, the black cherry plucker, public pool poisoner, Scorsese Cinephile, bottle breaker, corner store crusher, flavor aficionado, Chef conisseur, root beer fade fanatic, dime store detective, pulp fiction sage, comic book kingpin. Al Pacino poltergeist, dame dropper, Barcelona breakfaster, Mojito masher, Cohiba filtered flatfoot, noir-hop creator. ... more

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Track Name: Proper (prod by Alex Wood) feat Nex Millen
This our year, our time, our day
Beat Garden, no games, this ain't no arcade
I arson page with awesome bars from my brain
Awfully on point, off you from long rain
Often blaze, Rescue Me Tommy
I'm bored with the business my cash is oragami
The money folds, I keep keep on
Clean Guns Said Goodnight, no song to sleep on
I'm the sureshot, Nico's the Beast
ASK? got beat, Triple Nickels brings heat yeah
I used to pity you creeps, you're not special
John Candy Uncle Buckshot hot metal
The top petal off of the rose, man
This lapdance is half assed off with your clothes
I'm oft in the Zone like Twilight
Dog, the SP King no High Times or High Life
The highlight of the Lizard Lounge Session
Flexing, etched in stone, no correction
Limelight got the Best of You like compilations
You injured on the grind? No compensation
I lost my place dammit--cut the line
These cats turn Dracula trying to duck our shine

Bring me the head of Zilla Rocca
"The past, present, the future--proper" (Jay-Z sample)
Track Name: The First Order of Business (prod by Griff)
Make a heartbreak record, get some sympathy ass
George Harrison--eventually, it'll pass
Sippin spider cider, writer no grafitti name
You ain't the champ, you just eating up some Wheaties mane
You can't make it when the Garden's in the building
Beg your pardon, I'm the villain, here's my card, I am killing
Any and every single beat Griff sends to me
This is Philly, RhymeCity is just up the street
Up the ante with my extended family
Barring injury Like Amare you can't bang with me
Kiss kiss bang bang chop your fingers and thangs
You get cut like bitches with bangs, get 'em
I don't know, I'm kinda chillin like a Coke bottle
At a barbeque, barbaric, don't start with me
Rev it up for the Zilla Rocca Motocross
All aboard, all involved, oh my god, I'm the boss

The first order of business, better leave while you can
Hang around you're finished
ZR puts it down, no kidding
So save your excuses for someone who gives a shit
The first order of business, better leave while you can
Hang around you're finished
ZR puts it down, no kidding
So save your excuses for someone who gives a shit

And they say South Philly
Everybody wanna rhyme, bottomline, clowns kill me
Not the horror movie, horrible because you're booty
Bada boom, bada bing, bottomline, SP King
Bruce Campbell versus Army of Dark
I'm like 300 Spartans who's killing it smart
Frank Miller Zilla Year One, here I come
The Dark Knight with a beergut, I fear none
So how you wanna take it? All in the name of rap
I get paid on Thursdays so Fridays fall back
When I make it to the top you're gonna love it
Like Krispy Kremes out the oven, it gets sticky cousin
Griff's on percussion, I'm on the micro
You're a text message filled with stupid ass typos
Garbage in, garbage out
Don't get comfy motherfucker make the carpet your couch
Handle that

The first order of business, better leave while you can
Hang around you're finished
ZR puts it down, no kidding
So save your excuses for someone who gives a shit
The first order of business, better leave while you can
Hang around you're finished
ZR puts it down, no kidding
So save your excuses for someone who gives a shit

This was the worst year of my life
I salvaged it before I flipped like houses, kid
Save me the song and dance
You can't walk in my shoes or skip along in my pants
You can't breakthrough when you're average
And the bullshit you feed me, it don't taste like carrots
The same routine like a parrot
The fact I'm never wrong really makes you feel embarassed
This ain't The You Show, you too slow
To attend your own funeral, much less dig a hole
This ain't an 80's movie, do me a favor
Settle down, you'll be 30 years old playing a teenager
Track Name: Flow God Zilla (prod by Zilla Rocca) feat Nex Millen
"This is Mister Illa, the flow Godzilla, shout out to Philly and the fuckin Flow God Zilla"--Mally sample

Motherfuckers can't hold this
Zilla Rocca's in the spot and you're all on notice
No curve, every word is explosive
And you all get an A for atrocious
Heatwave the lame who's closest
Speak to myself like hyp-hyp-nosis
Give me a Triple Horse I'm coating
This ain't the business for you to stick your nose in
I shine but you're so dim
I'm the part of the water where the sharks don't swim
The law of the land, the rules don't bend
Your jaw hit my hand, fools rush in
To get it now, write it down, spell it out
No one buys shit so fuck you I'm selling out
You got 2 choices, I'm not playing
I would take you out but I can't keep hell waiting

"Zilla!" "Zilla!" "Zilla!" "Zilla!"
Umm that's me bitches
"Zilla!" "Zilla!" "Zilla!" "Zilla!"
Rock rock on and on, rock rock on and on

He insists on eating crystals, cleaning pistols, even Stephen freak official
Reaching steamy women, heat seeking missiles
Where is it going, I'm flowing with no procussion
Sentences is vengence, I'm not seeking justice
I'm laughing cause I'm crying inside
No fights since '97, a little violence is fine (all in the)
All in the name of love
Alot on my plate now, clean it up, I'm done (ugh)
Rock the heavy bass, Rick Rubin's son
You won a couple battles but the winner loses none
Fifty groupies, I can only choose one
Tell the other forty-nine not to get their hair done
This ain't a jam about all that next shit
This is tailor made for my taste like Netflix
Z-I-double struggles with impressions
I just make shit motherfuckers are impressed with
Track Name: Nada (prod by Alex Wood) feat Nex Millen
Step in with some dunks and a polo
Watching Dodgeball on the Ocho
All women, mix it up like Joey Orso
Tear down the stage but hold down the fort, so
Don’t go to-towards the cage, miss
My f-flow is so-so apeshit
Bang the box, can’t hang on my jock
I’ll toss you inside a graveyard, it won’t be Koch
BOW! Bauer’s back with a bomb and a miss-ile
Get wise, get live, g-get wild
Yesterday is gone, today’s fading out
So I’ll make it rain until I’m in a paper drought
Put it down like Tony Sopran
You’re Vito Spatfore, more bologna and ham
Now back to the program, man my slo-gan
Is shake hands with danger, BANGER!

Who steps to this man with a plan? Nada
How many raise their hands at your jam? Nada
Damn thing you can tell me, who’s hotter
Zip, zero, ziltch, got it?

Who’s hotter, I don’t know, not you though
You are sweeter, your nose bleeds fructose
Few know a damn thing about me
That’s alright, cause I don’t give a damn about you
I don’t watch Family Court or the Family Feud
But my Beat Garden Family will hammer you
Damage you, mangle you, star spangle you
Better make sure your throat is strangle proof
I’m James Brown with the band in the booth
The First MC, shit I do what I choose
Move how you move, what up S-O
What up Nico, what up Big O, whoa
Settle down this ain’t wrestling pal
I’m sick of old heads trying to dress like a child
I wanna be smarter, wiser, older
Sip fine wine with dimes, not soder

Who steps to this man with a plan? Nada
How many raise their hands at your jam? Nada
Damn thing you can tell me, who’s hotter
Zip, zero, ziltch, got it?

So you got me now? Damn I hope so
CIA emcee, big money, low pro
Don’t choke on the smoke we emote
The Zodiac code flow, murder he wrote
Hands on the wheel while her hands on me
Use the headset girl, go hands free
Hand me the golden goblet, god bless
I’m conscious about small brain and large breasts
Don’t talk to the man if you’re boring
Lames come in waves, when it rains it’s pouring
I’m at the breaking point, it’s getting too hot
In Philadelphia, shoot bricks or they shoot cops
Me, I’m Zilla Roc, the quiet mountain man
From the days when albums were all fire, man

Who steps to this man with a plan? Nada
How many raise their hands at your jam? Nada
Damn thing you can tell me, who’s hotter
Zip, zero, ziltch, got it?
Track Name: Cup Runneth (prod by Nex Millen) feat Nex Millen
Yo my cup runneth over with substance
I dice up the rhyme, break bread on production
You’re nothing, a hole in a penny, a dried well
A priest touching boys while clutching his bi-ble
Why spell relief with a capital R
I’ve bake too many poptarts trying to act hard
Sizzle up the gumbo, sautee the game
My work day is d-day, my off day is flames
Throw paint on the canvas, make sense later
I realize cats are wallpaper by nature
The crown molding is now smoking
I’m now holding the cards, you better double-down soldier
O got my back is the case of attack
Dom’s my right hand and we go way back
To the days of bigwheels and wiffle ball money
And if you struck his ass out, then your nose got bloody
Funny, we played sports and didn’t play the corner
Our friends went EA or DA, in the game or a goner
Law & Order
The law’s everywhere, it’s been here long before you
Guantanamo carnival, no rights or lawyers
I make no money yet I pay their employers
To duct tape flesh and leave skin tortured
Not your birthday but look what war bought you
Aight, no more conscious shit, y’all hate that
But pain tends to stick on my brain like a wavecap
Play that role, play our jam tonight
The Rap Jack Bauer, give that man a mic
Give that a man a hand, he sculpted the pavement
He loaned out his flow and charged late payments
And made a covenant with folks with King David
And gave away the throne, they know he spits sacred
Hear ye, I clean out my closet yearly
Used to watch the Box, Asshole by Dennis Leary
My favorite song, now I’m the wayward son
I’m lonely, horny and I’m afraid of love
You feel the same but you raise a gun
You insecure motherfuckers wears shades at night
Jerk-off, that didn’t even rhyme, it’s ok
You insure your grills on a co-pay
No way, I got some money coming every other Thursday
And every year after from the tracks and the wordplay
This is how I pass the time and relax my mind
Forget to pay Cingular, I’ll call you after 9
Or maybe I’ll catch you on the way down the road
You’ll pat me on the back, and this song you will quote
You’ll know what I’m about and how I got there
Until then, I’m just a lost dude walking in the crosshairs
Track Name: I Never Loved Her Part 2
What you afraid of, you’re 32 with fly makeup
With you I wanna lie and wake up, so what’s new Curly Sue
I picked you up like a paystub
Applejuice was the safe word when we played rough
I can’t forget it, a scene that I can’t edit
You had me Charlie Sheen reckless
You hurt me, it felt sickening
You gave me chicken con quesos and conniptions
In that order, now I’ll order something else at the front door
I want more like Rush Hour 2 or maybe Rushmore
We explored each other several times
Hand lotions, chains and whips, my favorite shhh
Hard to say goodbye, hard am I
Hardly heartbroken, like Harvey Dent, here’s my token
When my wallet wasn’t open, you stayed in
At least we always practice safe sin

I never loved HER, I never loved HER
I tried and tried but I could never love HER
I never loved HER, I never loved HER
I tried and tried but I could never love HER

Keep turning my screws, keep learning the blues
I get paid and you on like news
Never at hotels, always in your room
Them cocaine lightbulbs that always break a fuse
Your perfume pulls on my Achilles
But I’m the network, you’re an affil-iate
Don’t get wrong, we still can click
But only if I’m feinding for some guilty shit

I never loved HER, I never loved HER
I tried and tried but I could never love HER
I never loved HER, I never loved HER
I tried and tried but I could never love HER

I still want you baby, want you baby yeah
I still want you baby, want you baby yeah
Ring your bell, look you up when I’m in town
My heartbeat’s picking up, now slow it down